Plus a shout-out to my favourite sticker set and numerous mentions of chocolate. Channeling my inner tween!
Plus an abundance of emojis, despite the fact that my teenagers warn me about the risks of “using emojis like an old person.” Viewer discretion advised.
Plus a special milestone for a beloved pet and a shout out to the Scholastic Book Club. Long may you both live.
Plus references to two chart-topping hits separated by 44 years, numerous mentions of chocolate, and a shout out to the Oxford comma.
Plus a short playlist, multiple references to chocolate, and a photo from a small-town diner with fantastic coffee
Plus more dated pop culture references and an awkward but hopefully unforgettable acronym
Plus one pop culture reference, three sorries (I’m Canadian!), and another photo of my BDF (best dog friend), Hank
Plus a weather forecast that will make you grateful for where you live, unless we live in the same weather system.
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