Plus a shout-out a movie that is so 1980s that is could be a parody. Yes, we really did dress like that.
Plus another shout out to EASY goals and the backstory of how I became a runner.
Plus a recent travel story in which I resist the urge to identify an airline by name.
Plus pop culture shout outs to a song I didn’t love and to a children’s classic book that I adored.
Plus references to a cult book. Not a cult-classic book, but a book from an actual cult member. Garage sale find!
Plus more f-bombs than usual. If you prefer your profanity with symbols in the place of vowels and/or say “gosh darn it” when you violently stub your…
Plus some data from the December Academia Made Easier Reader Survey. Data! Everyone loves data!
Plus my first-ever use of the Substack "poll" feature. Exciting!
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