Love this advice. With every manuscript, as I draft and edit, I keep a companion document called ‘Manuscript-CUT’ open. It’s where I drop in pieces I have to cut, and it’s often the starting point for the next paper from the project. Having it is like a security blanket-- the hard work is not gone, just moved for now.

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Loleen Berdahl

This is a fantastic post! I am a writer. I learned long ago to "kill my darlings." Like Susan, I keep a companion document called "My Darlings." My darlings usually make it into something else. Sometimes an entirely new piece that I wouldn't have thought about otherwise.

Writing really is all about the process. I bring my fiction experience to my non-fiction pieces. The process isn't all that different between the two. I find the techniques are transferrable between the two.

Sugar is a sweet looking kitty. All those snuggles are worth more than gold. :)

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